Iveco Astra HD9 8x8

Iveco Astra Iveco Astra

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  • Model: ASTRA HD9 8x8
    Configuration: 8x8
    Engine: CURSOR 13 turbo intercooler diesel injection/cycle with electronic unit injection pumps.
    Transmission: ZF 16 speed 16AS2630 TO
    Mechanical with two ratios
    GVM: 48.0 tonnes (Vehicle capaple of)
    43.8 tonnes (With factory fitted tires)
    GCM: 70.0* tonnes
    *higher on application
  • Model: CURSOR 13 turbo intercooler diesel injection/cycle with electronic unit injection pumps
    Type: 6 in-line cylinders.
    Displacement: 12.882 cm3
    Bore & Stroke: 135 x 150 mm
    Max Power: 353 kW (480 HP)
    Optional: 382KW (520HP)
    Corresponding rpm: 1.900 rpm
    1.000-1.440 rpm
    Max Torque: 2.300 Nm (234 kgm)
    Optional: 2400Nm
    Turbine: VGT variable geometry
    Water cooling.
    Viscostatic cooling fan.
    Dry air filter with safety cartridge.
    Vertical muffler.
    Emissions according to € 5 regulation norms SCR (Selective CatalyticReduction) system composed of catalytic muffler, AdBlue-tank, injection and control system.
  • Single dry plate, diameter 17”. Pull type engagement with diaphragm spring. Hydro-pneumatic power steering engagement control, with driven disk wear recovery slave cylinder.
  • Model: Mechanical with two ratios. It consists of a series of helical spur gears, mounted on three shafts, engaged with each other. Differential can be locked by pneumatic control.
    Transmission ratio: 1:1 - 1:1,6
    Front/rear torque distribution ratio: 1:2,2
  • Model: 1st axle, steering, in cast iron with double reduction, central by crown wheel and pinion, lateral by epicyclical group in wheel hubs. 2nd axle, steering, in cast iron with double reduction, central by crown wheel and pinion, lateral by epicyclical group in wheel hubs. The axle is fitted with distributor that distributes torque between the 1st and 2nd axles. 1st and 2nd axle wheel stud protection.
  • Model: Two drive axles in tandem with doble reduction, central by bevelled pair and final by epicyclical group in wheel hubs. The intermediate axle is fitted with distributor that distributes torque between the two axles. Ratios: 5.009:1
  • Type: 1st and 2nd axle, parabolic springs, n° 3 leaves 26x90 mm, air suspension, hydraulic shock absorbers. Standard stabilizer bar on 1st axle.
  • Type: Parabolic springs, swivelling on central pin: n° 4 leaves 40x100 mm, torque bars and stiffening brackets. Standard stabilizer bar on 4th axle.
  • Type: Front and rear “duo-duplex” self-adjusting wedge type brakes with automatic play take-up. Total net braking surface 11.748 cm2, ABS.
    Service brake: Pedal controlled air brake, acting on all wheels.
    Emergency brake: Incorporated in service brake.
    Parking Brake: Manual spring-type mechanical with pneumatic control acting on 3rd and 4th axle wheels.
    IVECO BRAKE TURBO engine brake: Braking power 255 kW (347 cv)
  • Type: ZF 8099 quadrilateral power steering on front axle wheels with variable ratio 1:22.2/1:26.2 with auxiliary cylinder. Circuit with main hydraulic pump on engine and emergency pump on gearbox. Steering rods with self-lubricating joints. Height and inclination pneumatic adjustable steering column.
  • Front: 385/65R22.5
    Rear: 315/80R22.5
    Spare wheel on the chassis.
  • Types: Rectangular steel tanks
    1 x 300 litres
    1 x 45 litres of AdBlue
  • Type: Special steel with high elasticity limit, two flat and parallel side members (width 820 mm.), C section(320x90x10mm), cross members riveted to the frame. R.B.M. (Rail Bending Moment): 202.020 Nm (20.593 Kgm.). Steel front bumpers with headlamp protection grids, front manoeuvring hook, rear underrun bar, rubber mud-guard 2nd axle.
  • Voltage: 24 V
    Alternator generator: 90 A - 28 V (2520 W).
    Accumulators: 2 in series, 170 Ah.
    Starter motor: 24 V 5,5 kW.
    Mechanically controlled electrical circuit breaker.
    Anti-block system ABS with 4-conduits and 4-electric valveselectronic system.
    1 electrical joints 15-pole (ISO 12089-4091) for trailer lighting (if applicable).
    Headlamp geometry corrector.
    Electrical provision for outfitters.
    Provision for diagnostics.
    Provision for radio/cb (without speakers)
  • GVM: GVM 48.0 Tonnes (Vehicle capable of)
    GVM 43.8 Tonnes (With factory fitted tyres)
    GCM: GCM 70.0* Tonnes
    *higher on application
    Wheelbase: 6585mm
    Overall Length: 10335mm
    Turning Circle (turning diameter wall to wall*): 25400mm
  • Cabin Exterior:
    White cab built in galvanized pressed steel with hydraulic tilting up to 60°. Cab suspension with 4 helicoidal springs with coaxial shock absorbers and integrated dampers, anti-roll bar and end-of-stroke pads. Tinted electric door windows. Internal panels completely washable and fireproof. Compressed air quick coupling for cab cleaning. 4-speed ventilation and heating system with air recirculation system. Air suspended 3-way adjustable driver seat with seat belts. Mechanical passenger seat with seat belts.
    Trip Computer multifunction display. Multiplex electronic system for fundamental information for the driver: average speed, consumption and general information about the main components for ideal use of the vehicle. It also allows to carry out the daily controls on the vehicle at any moment, thus optimizing the time and energies needed for production’s purposes. Dashboard and ergonomic instrument board contain the function buttons and the identification commands.
    Indicator lights: engine oil low pressure, alternator charging low, main beam lights, side lights, engine warm-up, rear fog light, hazard lights, tractor turn indicators, rotating lights, cab lifted, axles differential locked, differential lock, front brakes air pressure low, rear brakes air pressure low, trailer brakes air pressure low (if applicable), parking brake engaged, splitter (reduction on), power take-off on (if applicable) air filters clogged, power steering oil level low, rear view mirrors heated, tractor ABS, trailer ABS, main steering circuit failure, steering auxiliary circuit failure, low ureas’ level.
    * Subject to conditions:
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    Detailed information.
    Full Warranty details and limitations.
    The latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability

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